Polarion®ALM™ Software Development Kit


The sdk folder in your Polarion installation provides documentation, source code, examples, and other information to help developers wishing to extend the standard features and capabilities of Polarion. This page provides links to the various resources.

SDK Guides and Examples

A guide to the Polarion SDK together with the examples from the SDK folder is provided in PDF documents below.

The sdk/examples folder contains subfolders with examples for implementing several custom extensions and other functionality. See Folder Structure below.

Polarion Open Java API ("Open API")

Documentation of the Open API is provided in Javadoc format.

Polarion Rendering API ("Rendering API")

Documentation of the Rendering API is provided in Javadoc format.

Polarion Web Services API

Documentation for the Web service Java client

Use the following links to see the WSDL sources


Polarion's architecture includes a database that mirrors the current state of the Polarion repository, and one that replicates the repository history. For some types of reporting, querying the database can be significantly more efficient than using the Lucene query engine.

You can access various resources including schema diagrams, remote connection information, and a tables reference.

Other Resources

Folder Structure

SDK ROOT FOLDER: (polarion/sdk)
File Description
changes.txt A summary of changes to the Java and Web Services APIs, listed by version number.
index.html This web page
FOLDER: sdk/doc/
File/folder Contents
sdk.pdf Guide to the SDK plus SDK examples
widget-sdk.pdf Guide to the Widget SDK plus Widget SDK examples
rt-sdk.pdf Guide to the Resource Traceability SDK plus examples
javadoc/ Java API documentation
javadoc-rendering/ Java Rendering API documentation
hivedoc/ HiveMind module registry (documentation for Java components)
database/ Schema diagrams and documentation for the embedded database
FOLDER: sdk/examples/
Folder Description
com.polarion.example.administration Custom administration extension example
com.polarion.example.commithook Checking commit message via Web Services
com.polarion.example.enumerationfactory Custom enumeration factory example
com.polarion.example.exporter Custom exporter example that exports Work Items from the Work Item table/tree
com.polarion.example.formextension/ Custom Work Item form extension example
com.polarion.example.importer/ Stand-alone application to import Work Items into Polarion
com.polarion.example.job/ Custom job implementation for the Scheduler
com.polarion.example.notifications/ Polarion notification extension example
com.polarion.example.servlet/ Custom servlet for inclusion on a Wiki page
com.polarion.example.velocitycontext/ Example of velocity context in pages
com.polarion.example.velocitymacro/ Example of velocity macro inclusion in pages
com.polarion.example.velocitywidget/ Custom velocity widget example
com.polarion.example.widget/ Custom widget example
com.polarion.example.workflow/ Custom workflow function and condition
FOLDER: sdk/lib/
Folder Description
com.polarion.alm.ws.client/ Web service Java client and project to Eclipse

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