Interface IProjectGroup

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    IAdaptable, IChangeListener, IGroupEntity, IHasValues, ILocatedObject, IPObject

    public interface IProjectGroup
    extends IGroupEntity
    IPObject representation of project group. Project goups form tree hierarchy, with projects being the leafs of this tree.

    Note: Projects and project groups are available as IPObjects so that it's easy to read them and manipulate some of their properties. However, they encapsulate lower level objects and therefore it's not possible to create and delete projects by the means of standard IPObject ways. The project group location is extracted from a context of the project group.

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    • Method Detail

      • getSortedContainedProjects

        IPObjectList getSortedContainedProjects()
      • getSortedDeepContainedProjects

        IPObjectList getSortedDeepContainedProjects()
      • getDeepContainedProjects

        IPObjectList getDeepContainedProjects()
        This method performs a recursive search for all contained projects.

        The result of this method might be expensive to calculate and is NOT cached by the IProjectGroup.

        a IPobjectList containing IProjects
      • getName

        java.lang.String getName()
        The project group name is generated from a location of a project group
        the name of a project group
      • getSortedContainedGroups

        IPObjectList getSortedContainedGroups()
        Returns list of groups contained in this project group sorted by name.
        list of IProjectGroup (not null)