Interface ModelObject

    • Method Detail

      • getReferenceToCurrent

        ModelObjectReference getReferenceToCurrent()
        Returns a reference without the requested and actual revisions, so it is much faster than getReference(), because it does not have to read the actual revisions.
      • history

        IterableWithSize<? extends ModelObjectReference> history()
        Returns history of object. If object is versioned (has requested revision) then history up to this revision will be returned. The history list is sorted from the oldest (coming first) to the newest (last).
      • resolve

        void resolve()
      • forget

        void forget()
      • getOldApi

        com.polarion.platform.persistence.model.IPObject getOldApi()
      • label

        java.lang.String label()
        Returns some non empty user friendly label of the object. It does not throw exception when the object is unresolvable or user has no permission to read it, but instead just returns the id.