Polarion®ALM™ Embedded Database Documentation

Polarion's architecture includes a database that mirrors the current state of the Polarion repository, and one that replicates the repository history. For some types of reporting, querying the database can be significantly more efficient than using the Lucene query engine.

This page provides access to the schema diagrams and other information related to the embedded database. The following resources are available in the sdk/doc/database folder:

Database Resources
Resource Description Resource File Action
Database Tables Reference TablesReferenceIndex.html VIEW ONLINE
Database Table Changes TableChanges.html VIEW ONLINE
Database Column Changes ColumnChanges.html VIEW ONLINE
Work Item Schema WorkItemDBSchema.pdf DOWNLOAD
Full Database Schema FullDBSchema.pdf DOWNLOAD
SQL Query Examples SQLQueryExamples.pdf DOWNLOAD
External Connection Information ExternalDatabaseConnection.pdf DOWNLOAD

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