6. Work Items Topic

A Work Item is the Polarion term for an artifact of the development process that is waiting to be implemented, is in progress, or has been implemented.

You can review Work Items in any information scope (all items in the system, a group of projects, or one project). You access Work Items by first opening the scope you want to work with (e.g. open a project), and then selecting the Work Items topic in the Navigation pane. The Work Items topic contains the integrated Tracker feature. You can track any kind of artifact by defining a Work Item type for it.

Work Item Types

Typical Work Item types include:

  • Requirement

  • Task

  • Change Request

  • Defect

  • Test Case

Work Item types are generally defined in the underlying Project Template from which a project is created. In any project created from a Project Template, the default Work Item types can be customized by a project or system Administrator, modifying existing types and/or new defining new types. For more information, see Administrator's Guide: Configuring Enumerations.

Each Work Item has a number of default data fields which are used to describe and categorize the item, assign it to someone, and incorporate it into project planning and tracking, set its status, and so forth. Custom fields can be defined for any Work Item type, enabling tracking of and querying on any kind of information needed.