Reporting Testing Status and Results

Polarion provides visibility and information about the status of testing and testing results. The two main vehicles are:

Dashboards and reports access the most current project and testing data in the repository at the time they are updated. Dashboards are updated according to the configuration of the scheduled job that updates dashboards, and can be explicitly updated to show up-to-the-minute information. Report pages are updated when viewed, and can be exported to PDF any time. When you use a product license that supports it, the Quality topic appears in the Topics section of the Navigation panel. This topic provides a number of dashboards summarizing key quality-related information and statistics. For more information, see User Guide: Quality Dashboards, Audits, and Metrics.

You can create custom report Pages especially for quality assurance and testing reports. The Testing space, available in projects based on one of Polarion ALM's project templates that provide it, is a good place to create your report Pages. QA and testing project templates provide some standard reports such as Test Case Traceability and Testing Dashboard. You can modify any of the default report pages, or copy and paste their content to a new page which you modify to suit your needs.

Test Management Macros

Polarion products with QA and testing support provide a number of macros designed to support testing activities and reporting. For example, the {import-automated-test-results} macro enables page users to launch import of test results.

You can find a complete reference to these macros, including syntax and usage examples, in the Test Management section of the Wiki Syntax Help, which is accessible when you are editing any wiki page. You can also access it at the following URL on your Polarion server: ...


Beginning with version 2012 several test management macros were deprecated in favor of new features and removed from the Wiki Syntax Help. However, these macros can still be used. See Appendix: Deprecated Macros: Test Management.

See also: User Reference: Querying for Test Record Work Items.

Reporting Test Results from Baselines

Test results and records are included in Baselines. So, for example, if a Baseline is created at the time of a release, you could go into the Baseline to see what test cases were executed in time of release. In baseline view, the Test Runs topic shows data as they were at the time the Baseline was created.

When working in a Baseline:

  • The Test Run detail page is read-only.

  • Test Run properties are not present.

  • Test Run detail pages can be printed or exported to PDF

  • If you open any Work Item referenced by the Test Run, it is opened in baseline view provided it does not point to a particular revision of the item.