8. Test Runs Topic

The Test Runs topic provides access to Test Runs and Test Run templates. In this topic you can:

Test Runs Page

The Test Runs page has 2 parts. The top pane provides a table of existing Test Runs. It also provides a toolbar enabling you to:

Figure 8.1. Test Run Table

Test Run Table

Right click on a column to hide or view additional columns.

  • Create a new Test Run.

  • Search existing Test Runs.

  • Manage Test Run templates (including Test Parameters in templates)

  • Refresh the table of Test Runs.

Clicking on any Test Run selects it in the top pane, and loads the detail of the selected Test Run in the bottom pane.

Figure 8.2. A Test Run's details

A Test Run's details

Click the A Test Run's details (Actions) icon for available Actions.

The bottom pane:

  • Displays information about the status of the Test Run (passed or failed).

  • Provides links to passed and failed Test Cases, errors, and executed Test Cases

  • Provides information about the test environment and build tested, including a link to that build.

  • Summarizes and links to other tests related to the same build, if any.

  • Lists problems found during execution of the Test Run, if any.

  • Provides access to the Test Run's history.

  • Provides access to any Attachments. For example, if the Test Run comprises a set of JUnit tests, a document containing the specifications for those tests might be attached.

The following actions are available from the toolbar of the Test Run detail pane:

  • Click Properties to View Test Run properties, including Test Parameters defined in Test Runs.

  • View Test records. (Actions) > Test Run Records.

  • Edit the Test Run page. (Actions) > Customize Test Run Page.

  • Select the Test Cases to be executed for the Test Run. (Actions) > Select Test Cases.

    For more information see Creating and Managing Test Runs: Selecting Test Cases.

  • Save the current Test Run as a template on which to base other Test Runs; (Actions) > Save As Template. If you are viewing the page of a Test Run Template, you can create another customizable template by clicking (Actions) > Duplicate Template.

  • Export the selected Test Run detail to PDF. (Actions) > Export to PDF.

  • Print the selected Test Run detail on an available printing device. (Actions) > Print.

  • Delete the selected Test Run. (Actions) > Delete.

    You can delete multiple Test Runs by first checking the boxes on relevant rows in the Test Runs table. When multiple Test Runs are selected, a button appears in the lower pane which will delete all the selected Test Runs in a single operation.

Where to Find More Information

The Test Runs page is one of several features related to Test Management. These features are covered elsewhere in the documentation.