Advanced Topics

This section covers topics related to requirements development and management with Polarion that are less commonly needed and/or are of more interest to experienced users.

Using the Traceability Matrix

The Matrix view enables you to link multiple Work Items of two different types in a single operation. This approach can be useful when traceability linking needs to be managed centrally rather than relying on individual users to link Work Items as they process them day to day. It can also be useful for correcting incorrect or inappropriate links. For a brief introduction to the Matrix view, see User Guide: Portal Tour: Matrix View.

Linking with the Matrix is a topic for Advanced users. Most people will only need to link individual requirements as they create or process them. To learn how to use this feature, please see User Guide: Work Items Topic: Managing Polarion Work Items: Linking Work Items: Linking Work Items in the Matrix View.

Traceability Reporting

You can use the Matrix View of the Work Items topic to generate traceability data which can be exported to spreadsheets or printed as hard copy. For example, you can easily create a report that shows which requirements have links to test cases (assuming you have such artifact types configured for your project).

To create a report according to this example, you would:

  1. In Navigation, select Work Items, then select the Matrix table on the Work Items page.

  2. Create the following query for Rows:

    Work Items All and type:requirement in Project 							

  3. Create the following query for Columns:

    Work Items All and type:testcase in Project 							

  4. Click the Search button. The matrix shows which requirements are linked to test cases, and just as importantly, which ones are not linked.

  5. Click the Operations button at the top and choose Export if you want to save the report to a Microsoft Office Excel sheet, or Print to send the result to a printer.

Note that if requirements and test cases are maintained in different projects, the query would need to be executed in the scope of a project group, if the requirements and test case projects are in the same group, or in the repository scope if they are not in the same group. In the latter case you would need to create the necessary queries to retrieve just the items from the projects you want to report.