14. Repository Browser Topic

The Repository Browser topic provides access to the integrated Subversion repository and provides some basic client functionality including browsing, downloading, and committing locally changed resources (you must have permissions for committing to the repository). The Repository Browser is available in all Polarion products, and is present when working in either project scope or global Repository scope.

Figure 14.1. Repository Browser

Repository Browser

Repository Browser is an integrated SVN client with basic operations

Browsing the Repository

By default you begin browsing in Polarion ALM's main internal repository, the root folder, and the Head revision.

The Path at the top of the page shows you your current location at all times. All folders in the Path are hyperlinks. Clicking on a folder name in the Path will take you directly into that folder.

At the right side of the Path bar are controls that enable you to select the Trunk, branches, or tags, to select a revision to browse, and navigate up one folder in the Path.

Drill-down into folders

The table in the Info tab lists the content of the current repository folder (shown as the last element in Path). Content is either folders or files. Each content type is distinguished by a folder or file icon.

To drill down into a folder or file, click the folder name in the Name column.

Selecting a Different Revision

There are 2 ways you can select a different revision:

  • Click the Revision List icon in the Info bar, and select a revision in the list of revisions that appears

  • Click Browse in the Path bar (right side of page), and in the Go to path screen enter the number of the revision you want to browse.

Comparing Revisions

To compare revisions:

  1. Open a document.

  2. Click on the on the top right.

    Figure 14.2. Select Two Revisons to Compare

    Select Two Revisons to Compare
  3. Check off two revisions to compare and click Compare.

  4. Click on the Changes arrows on the top right to cycle through the changes.

  5. All changes are highlighted in one of the following colors:

    Figure 14.3. Revision Color Scheme

    Revision Color Scheme

Additional Commands

  • Click Work Items to list the changes done to Work Items within the document.

  • Click Fields to list the changes done to Fields within the document.

  • Click Show to view a single revision.