11. Quality Topic & Metrics

The Quality topic provides dashboards with some key statistics and results of audits and metrics that can be of interest to QA managers and teams. The information is "live" based on the actual state of work on the projects that feed data into the dashboard. The dashboard's information can be viewed for any of 3 scopes:

Figure 11.1. Quality Dashboard

Quality Dashboard

Quality Dashboard for a Project Group

Links in the dashboard for a broader scope enable you to drill down to the narrower scope(s), and into different projects.

For project groups and repositories, the dashboard displays a score with a radar chart resulting from the Process Audit (processaudit) calculation. Data are aggregated from child projects and project groups. There is also a table listing scores for individual disciplines of the child projects and project groups.

In the project scope, the Quality topic has several sub-topics which load dashboards with different information about the current level of quality in the project. This information includes quality audits and metrics. The following sections briefly describe these dashboards.

Quality Dashboards, Audits, and Metrics

The sub-topics of the Quality Topic provide dashboards that roll up information from audits and report key quality metrics.

Process Dashboard

Scope: project

This dashboard reports statistics about compliance with a process. The data are the result of Process Audit analysis (calculation processaudit). The dashboard contains a radar chart and a table showing project score (a percentage rating, 0% to 100%) in several "disciplines" as measured by Process Audit: Release Planning, Iteration Planning, Schedule Control, Quality Control, and Process Organization. A total score is also displayed, calculated as the arithmetical mean value of individual scores.

In addition to statistical information, this dashboard provides detailed embedded knowledge about the process. For every "discipline" there is a detail table with list of rules and scores. You can click on a rule and see a page with details about meaning of the rule, violations found, how to fix non-compliance, and configuration possibilities.

You can configure some aspects of this dashboard. See Administrator's Guide: Configuring Reports: Process Quality Report.

Figure 11.2. Process Topic

Process Topic

Embedded process knowledge in the Process dashboard

Work Items Dashboard

Scope: project

The dashboard in the Work Items topic provides some key metrics and statistics about the current state of Work Items in the currently selected project. It shows such things as counts of unresolved and unassigned Work Items. The Quality Audit metric in the Metrics portlet can be of interest for quality assurance teams and managers.

Work Item metrics and statistics are calculated by the trackeranalysis calculation. It is possible to configure which metrics and statics are displayed, their labels, and also layout of the dashboard page. For information, see Administrator's Guide: Configuring Reports: Work Item Quality Report.

Testing Dashboard

This dashboard provides a view on the current state of unit test coverage and success ratio of unit tests. It also provides drill-down links to details about coverage, and to your unit tests. It shows unit test success ratio and coverage for Maven artifacts with Java sources and tests. The detailed Maven unit test and coverage reports are linked.

Data shown in this topic are updated either during the Process Audit calculation (processaudit) or when the artifact is built using the option Update reports together with the build. (For more information, see Administrator's Guide: Advanced Build Management: Complex and Custom Building.

Figure 11.3. Testing Dashboard

Testing Dashboard

Testing statistics and drill-down from the Testing dashboard.

CMMI Dashboard

Scope: project

This dashboard is of interest if your organization implements compliance with the CMMI maturity model. Using actual data about the status of a project, it reflects the current level of compliance with all the indicators defined by CMMI. The dashboard can help organizations learn about CMMI, as all the points for Level 3 compliance are shown in the dashboard.