Project Template for Agile Process

If your team uses, or wants to move to the Agile methodology, Polarion can provide significant benefits in terms of process support and embedded knowledge. Some Polarion products come with project a project template pre-configured to support Agile software development. You can you can use this template as the basis for your own projects. Simply create a new project and select the template during the process.

For a list of the default project templates distributed with different Polarion products, see User Reference: Default Project Templates.)

Agile Software Project Template

Based on the Agile methodology, this template provides standard Scrum style Work Item types (User Story, Task, Defect, Change Request), workflow that supports the process, key artifacts already defined, templates for backlog and sprints, plus a some embedded knowledge in the project Wiki that can be helpful to new and experienced developers alike.

If your process is "basically Agile", but with some modifications to suit your specific needs, keep in mind that you can modify this project template, or create a customized copy of it, changing workflows, reports, etc. to map your exact process to Polarion ALM.