Builds, Tests, Source Code and Documentation

This section covers several more features commonly accessed or used by developers:

Working with Builds

Availability in Polarion REQUIREMENTS & REVIEWER

This feature is also available in Polarion REQUIREMENTS, but it is hidden in the default configuration. The topic can be shown in Navigation by changing the Navigation topics configuration. For more information, see Administrator's Guide: Configuring Interface Views.

This feature is read-only in Polarion REVIEWER.

Scope(s): Project

In order to work with builds, you must have the necessary permissions set up by a Polarion administrator. Permission levels are: read, create (which allows you to start new builds), and download. You can access project builds via the Builds topic. Click this topic to show builds listed in a table (at the top of the page). You can sort the table on any column by clicking the column header. Selecting a build in the table displays its detail in the Detail pane.

Build details include build status, build author (person who started the build, or the name of the system user (default "polarion") in case of initiation by a scheduled Job, and links to the build log and base directory.

Figure 19.7. Builds and Build Details

Builds and Build Details

Builds table and access to build results

Starting a New Build

If you have create permission for builds you can start a new build by clicking the Create Build in the Builds table. If you are not sure if you have the necessary permissions, mouse over the button and a tool tip will tell you if you cannot start a build. When you click the button, a new job is created (which you can see in the Monitor topic) and a new row appears in the Builds table (Builds topic). You can check the build status using the Refresh button. Your user name will appear in the Author column (and in any build notifications which may be sent as a result of the build).

Configuring Project Builds

It is necessary to set up a build configuration for each project. This is done in the Administration interface, in the Building topic and its sub-topics. You need to have administration rights for the project for which you want to configure building.

For detailed information on build configuration, see Administrator's Guide: Basic Build Management.

Backing up Project Builds

See Administrator's Guide: Backups: Project Builds.

Working with Tests

Polarion provides summary information about testing, which you can access this information via the Reports topic.

Viewing Source Code and Documentation

You can see the source code for any class (for the application or tests) in the current Project and access its Javadoc™ documentation without leaving the web interface. Source code is read-only.

To access source code:

  1. In the Navigation pane, expand the Reports node.

  2. Next, click the Xref node.

  3. Locate the class you want to see in the All Classes section and click the class name Click the class name to open the source in the right-hand frame.

To access Javadoc documentation:

  1. In the Navigation pane, expand the Reports node.

  2. Next, click the Javadoc node.

  3. Click any listed Build Artifact. If none are listed, no report has been generated. To generate the report, click the Calculate Report button.

  4. Navigate to the class you want to see, clicking the class name to open its documentation in the main frame.


The foregoing assumes that Javadoc has been generated for the classes in your Project. If no Javadoc exists, you will see No Data Available main frame of your browser after clicking the Build artifact name.