Your Personal Home Page

When your user account is created, your personal Home page is also created. You can access it via the My Polarion link in the Navigation panel.


Don't confuse your personal Home page with your User Account page.

Your personal Home page, named My Polarion, is a persistent LiveReport type Page that cannot be deleted like user-created Pages. Your My Polarion page is not public - only you or an administrator can view and edit it.

Options for Using Your Page

The purpose of the personal Home page is to provide you a way to aggregate whatever information you need from the portal or other sources in a single, easily accessible location. When you access it for the first time, a basic template page is displayed showing...

  • An introductory paragraph.

  • A region displaying your currently-planned Tasks and Defects, retrieved by query in a Table Block Widget embedded in the Page.

  • A region displaying Documents awaiting your signature (if any), retrieved by a custom script in a Script Block Widget, and providing links to the Signatures view of the Documents.

  • A region displaying Work Items awaiting your approval (if any), retrieved by query in another Table Block Widget embedded in the Page.

  • A region listing any shows Work Items assigned to you and having outgoing links marked as "suspect". Again, implemented in a Table Block Widget.

  • A column with:

    • Links to some key pages which can be useful for you, including a link to your user account page where you can change password, email address, etc.

    • The Activity Stream of the current project in which you are currently working.

The default content of the page is merely a suggestion. You can change both the content and the page layout to show whatever information you find useful for your work now, and you can update the page any time. You have the full features of the LiveReport type Pages available to you. For information, see the User Guide topic Working With Pages

Figure 3.1. The "My Polarion" Page

The "My Polarion" Page

Personal home page is a LiveReport type Page built with visual Widgets

Converting from Classic Wiki Format

From version 2016-SR1, new users' personal home pages (and other default pages such as Repository and space Home pages) are created as LiveReport type Pages. This technology replaces the older Classic Wiki technology for information and report pages, and is easier for non-technical users thanks to construction using visually configurable Widgets rather than mark-up language and code.

If you have an existing My Polarion (or other default) page created with a Polarion version prior to 2016-SR1, you can easily convert your existing page to use the newer and easier Pages technology. To see which format your page currently has:

  1. Log in to your Polarion portal and in Navigation click My Polarion (or select any space's Home node).

  2. At the top of the page, click Expand Tools, then click the Edit button.

If you see the Widgets sidebar on the right, your page is already using the newer Pages technology and there is no need to convert. If you see the Wiki Syntax Help sidebar, your page is using the deprecated Classic Wiki technology. Classic Wiki will be supported for some time to come, but conversion to the new Pages technology is recommended. Please note that Classic Wiki content will not be migrated, and you will need to customize the default content of the LiveReport page to suit your needs. The source of the original Classic Wiki report will still be available to you for copy/paste.

To convert your page:

  1. Access your My Polarion page and click Expand Tools.

  2. Click on , and in the menu choose Switch To LiveReport Page.

  3. In the next dialog, click the Switch button to convert the page.

  4. Proceed to customize the new LiveReport page, using the source of the former Classic Wiki report as a guide for queries various Widgets, etc.


After you save any customization to the page, you can reset it to the default content any time by clicking > Reset.

Setting an Avatar Image

In your user account page, you can specify an avatar image to be displayed in Polarion. The image is displayed with your activities in the Activity Stream, and you see it in the Navigation panel when you are logged in. There are 2 options for displaying an avatar image:

  • Upload an image via your user account page.

  • Use an image already uploaded to your account on

A default avatar image is displayed in Polarion until such time as you specify a different image. If you remove an image you have specified, Polarion reverts to this default image.

Your avatar image should be square, and ideally 50 x 50 pixels. Larger square images will be resized to 50 x 50 pixels (maximum image file size is 50 kilobytes). Rectangular images will be automatically cropped or expanded to fit into a 50 x 50 space. The result may not be what you want, so cropping the image yourself is recommended. Supported image formats are: .gif, .png, and .jpg/.jpeg.

Uploading an Avatar Image

An uploaded image replaces the Polarion default avatar image, and takes precedence over any image that may be set on that site for the email address specified in your Polarion user account.

To upload an avatar image to your Polarion user account:

  1. After login, click the Tool icon in the upper left corner of Navigation and then click My Account.

  2. Click the Upload avatar link.

  3. In the Upload Avatar dialog, click Browse, select the desired image file on your local system, and click the Upload button.

Using a Avatar Image

Avatar images on are linked to email addresses. To use an avatar image from in Polarion, make sure the email address used in your Polarion user account is set up in your account and some image is linked to that address. When you first set up a new email address on, it may take as much as 30 minutes before it will appear in Polarion or other places that pull gravatar images.

Note that your Polarion administrator may optionally disable the pulling of avatar images for your Polarion installation. If you are sure your Polarion email address is set up in your account and you don't see the avatar in Polarion, this is probably the reason. In this case, you will need to upload an avatar image to your Polarion user account page (see the previous section).

Accessing Your User Account Page

You can access your user account page from the My Account link in the Tool view of Navigation. You can also access this page from the My Account link in your personal home page.

On this page you can:

  • Change your password. (Click Edit to reveal the password fields.)

  • Edit your full name and initials, and provide some descriptive information about yourself. (This information appears to other users.)

  • View or change your email address.

  • Disable notifications.

  • Access your User Calendar (see Configuring Your User Calendar).

  • Access the Work Items you are currently watching (via the Watches button).

  • Reset the user interface. The Reset UI Defaults button removes all your user interface customizations and will restore confirmation dialogs if you have previously chosen not to show them. The reset affects only you.

  • View your current Global and project user roles, and modify them if you have the necessary permissions.

  • View and edit your time-splitting assignments, if you split your working hours among different projects. (This makes the calculation of the project plans more accurate).

  • View and edit your Votes.