3. Home Topic

Every Project in the Polarion portal has a Home page. The default content is provided by the project template. Home page content can be modified by users with the necessary permissions. The repository also has a Home page, also modifiable by users who have permissions allowing them to change content in that scope.

The Home topic provides access to the Home page of either the current project, if you have a project open, or the repository if you are working in that scope after opening the repository.

A personal home page is created for every Polarion user which can be customized by the user to show whatever information is most useful. The page is not visible to other users. Users can also customize the Navigation panel to provide quick access to the project content they need most often.


You can always access the repository (i.e. portal) Home page via the Polarion icon in the Navigation panel.

Working with Home Pages

Home pages are persistent LiveReport type Page, and cannot be deleted like user-created Pages. If you have permission to modify such pages in the scope (project or repository), you can edit a Home page. For more information, see User Guide: Working With Pages.

This section provides some basic information about working specifically with Home pages.

Home Page Content

The repository Home page, and every project home page, initially contain some default content. Default content for the repository Home page is pre-defined. Default content of a project home page is provided by the project template. The default content provides information about what the page is and how to begin editing the content.

Home pages are intended to be customized. On a project Home page, you and your team can provide whatever information is important for people accessing the project to know. Keep in mind that you don't have to put everything on the Home page... you can create other Pages and provide links to them in the Home page.

In the "Repository" (i.e. global) scope, the Home page can be customized to provide essential information for all users of the portal. This is basically "company-wide" information. For example, you might put here information that new employees or contractors need. The repository has its own space and as with projects, you can create more spaces and Pages in this scope and link to them in the repository Home page.

Editing Home Page Content

To be able to edit the content of any Home page, you must have write permissions for the scope in which you are working (project or Repository). If you find you cannot edit a Home page, contact the project or portal administrator.

When you have the necessary permissions, click Expand Tools at the top of the page to expose the page toolbar, then click the Edit button in the page toolbar. The page opens in the Page Designer.


From version 2016-SR1, default pages such as Repository and space Home pages are created as LiveReport type Pages. If these pages were created using a previous version and still have only the default content, the format is switched when the system is updated. If these pages have been customized, they remain as Classic Wiki pages and can only be switched manually to the LiveReport format. For information on the conversion procedure, see Converting from Classic Wiki Format.