10. Builds Topic

The Builds topic enables you to access the current and recent builds of any project. You can find information about the build job(s), create a new build, and access the build results.

Builds Page

The Builds page has 2 parts. The top half shows a table of recent builds with some basic information about each build listed. It also provides the Create Build for launching a new build, and the Refresh button which refreshes the page with any new builds that may have been launched since you accessed the Builds topic.

The lower half provides information about the build currently selected in the top half of the page. The Build Results section provides access to whatever artifacts the build is configured to generate (often files distribution, installation, etc.) There are also links that provide access to the build log and base directory.

Where to find more information

The Builds topic is mainly an access gateway to the results of builds resulting from Polarion's extensive build management capabilities. These are covered elsewhere in the documentation.

For information on configuring builds and build management, see:

For more information on working with builds, see: