Accessing Existing Documents

You can access existing Documents by browsing or searching.

Browsing for Documents

You can browse in the Navigation panel, or in the index page of each Wiki space.

To browse in Navigation, expand the Documents and Pages topic in Navigation to see a list of spaces containing Documents and Pages. Expand any space node, browse to locate the Document you want to access, and click on the Navigation node to load the Document in the Document Editor. If there are too many Documents, Navigation cannot display them all and you will need to use Search to locate the Document(s) you want.

You can also browse for Documents in the Index page of any Wiki space. Expand a space name in Navigation, look for Index and click it. The space Index page lists all the Documents in the space in a table format. You can sort the table on any of the columns by clicking the desired column header(s).

Searching for Documents

If there is too much content to display all the Documents and Pages in Navigation, a message appears directing you to use Search. For this to be an effective option, you must know at least some part of the Document name (ID), title (if different from name), or some phrase in its content.

The Navigation pane has a Search text box near the top. As you type, the Navigation panel is filtered and shows only content in each topic that matches the text you enter. You can enter the first letters of any word in the Document name, and look for the result in the automatically expanded Documents and Pages topic. If you are working in a project, then by default only the project is searched. When you identify the Document you want to access, click on its node in the Navigation panel to load it in the Document Editor.

Figure 15.19. Navigation Filtering

Navigation Filtering

Type text to incrementally filter Navigation for the value entered

You can expand the search to the entire portal by pressing Enter/Return in the Search box. On the Search Results page, you can filter the results to show only Documents by clicking the Documents link in the page header.

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