3. Polarion SDK

The Polarion SDK (Software Development Kit) contains documentation of available APIs and the embedded database schema, plus libraries, source code, and code examples for developers who want to develop custom extensions to Polarion ALM's standard features and functionality.

The SDK content is installed to the file system along with all other programs and data. You need to explore the file system of your installation in order to access it. You may wish to copy the SDK from the installed location to developers' local computers, or host it on a file server on your network.

Default SDK Location

You can find the Polarion SDK content in the $POLARION_HOME$/polarion/sdk folder of your installation's file system. Documentation is located in the doc sub-folder. (On Windows, substitute backslash for forward slash.)

The $POLARION_HOME$/polarion/sdk/index.html file provides links to all SDK resources. You can access the SDK index page via your web browser by appending polarion/sdk/ to the URL of your Polarion server. Example: http://polarion.mydomain.com/polarion/sdk/