Non-Latin Alphabets

This section provides reference information for users and administrators about features and configurations related to using Polarion with non-Latin alphabets.

The Polarion ALM architecture is designed to enable localization of the system to any language. Localized version of Polarion ALM are produced, provided, and supported by partners in various countries.

Localized versions of Polarion are currently available for the following non-Latin based languages:

Non-Latin System Properties

This section documents system properties that generally need to be set by administrators in the system configuration in order for some feature(s) to work with non-Latin characters or languages.

System properties are specified in the system configuration file (follow link for location).


Language: Japanese. Enables Document comparison with languages that do not separate words with spaces. Specify a "break" character to be used when users compare Document versions in the Document history. Multiple characters can be specified and breaks occur on every one of them. For example:



Language: Japanese. When set to true, then comments are placed directly under the cursor. If false, then comments are placed after current word.

Work Item Queries

Users who switch between English and Japanese keyboard should note that when using the Japanese keyboard, entering Japanese characters in a graphical query element's panel (in the Work Items Table view) does not invoke the search action. The user must press Enter or Return to initiate searching. This is different behavior from English keyboard and characters, where search is invoked automatically with each character entered.

Diagram Fonts

Only diagrams that use Helvetica font can be properly rendered by the Document Editor into an image that is displayed in the content of a Document or Work Item. Making other fonts work with Asian or other non-Latin languages is fairly complex and requires considerable effort and will most likely require assistance from your Polarion country partner or Polarion Professional Services. If you need this capability for diagrams, please contact Polarion Technical Support for guidance.