Quick Overview

The Polarion® ALM application lifecycle management platform is a fully integrated, unified solution for managing requirements and/or software development projects and process throughout the life cycle. End users can use different product licenses with the platform to get just the coverage they need. For example requirements engineers can "plug in" a solution that focused on requirements management, while quality assurance engineers can use a different solution that focuses on test management and testing. The Polarion ALM solution integrates requirements, tasks, change requests, process management, project planning, time management, build management, source code audits and metrics, and maturity model compliance tracking. The unique approach is built around a unified, repository-based architecture where all artifacts in the development process are stored in a software configuration management system, namely Subversion.

You can find a more detailed overview on the Polarion web site at https://polarion.plm.automation.siemens.com/products/overview#solutions.