Polarion Reference

This part of the documentation provides reference information for administration topics, the user interface, plus a glossary and a listing of the folks who build Polarion ALM.

Team Credits

Polarion 18.3 is brought to you by:

Table 72. Hall of Fame

Jan AžaltovičPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Jiří BanszelPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Zbyněk BartošPrague, Czech RepublicCustomer Support Engineer
Michal BaumgartnerPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Tomáš BílekPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Michael BorseAlameda, CA, USAProduct Management
Peter ButvinPrague, Czech RepublicCustomer Support Engineer
Kateřina ČernikovaPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Petr ČervenkaPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Daria ChaikaPrague, Czech RepublicCustomer Support Engineer
Phillbert ChengAlameda, CA, USACustomer Support Engineer
Yury ChernikovPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineering Management
Václav ChroustPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Ondřej ChylíkPrague, Czech RepublicProduct Owner
Lukáš DaněkPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Evgeny DanilovPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware-Test Development Engineer
David DeuberAlameda, CA, USACustomer Support Engineer
Benjamin EngeleStuttgart, GermanySoftware-Integration Management
Nikolay EntinStuttgart, GermanySoftware Engineering Management
Nikola GedeonováPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Artem GolyakovPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Michaela HankeováPrague, Czech RepublicProduct Owner
Martina HanzlikováPrague, Czech RepublicProfessional Services
Petr HouzarPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Roman HruškaPrague, Czech RepublicAdministration
Filip HýřPrague, Czech RepublicDevOps Engineer
Rafał IgnasiakPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Lukáš ImlaufPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Jiří JandlPrague, Czech RepublicSupport Engineering Management
Šárka JelínkováPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Kiriaki KanetiPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Ludmila KellerováPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware-Test Development Engineer
Dmytro KhovavkoStuttgart, GermanySoftware Engineer
Dennis KilanPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Christian KohliPrague, Czech RepublicTechnical Writer-Editor
Lukáš KolínskýPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Martin KollerPrague, Czech RepublicCustomer Support Engineer
Ondřej KolmistrPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Maksym KondejPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Pavel KovalskýPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineering Management
Tomáš KrajčiPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Roman Kratochvíl (honourable mention)Prague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Radek KrotilPrague, Czech RepublicProduct Management
Jan KučeraPrague, Czech RepublicProduct Owner
Siniša LopičićPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineering Management
Jana MakovníkováPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Mallikarjun MastamardiPune, IndiaQA Engineer
Daniel MorrisStuttgart, GermanyProfessional Services
Vasylyna NechayAlameda, CA, USACustomer Support Engineer
Klára PaťavováPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Robert PalomoSt. Petersburg, RussiaTechnical Communications
Vlastimil PolákPrague, Czech RepublicIT Engineer
Martin PopelákPrague, Czech RepublicScrum Master
Ahsan QamarStuttgart, GermanySoftware Engineer
Thomas ResselStuttgart, GermanySoftware Engineer
Štěpán RohPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineering Management
Achim RuderStuttgart, GermanySales Management
Miroslav RůžaPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Lukáš RybaPrague, Czech RepublicDevOps Engineer
Timothy SampairCary, NC USAProfessional Services
Roman ŠanderaPrague, Czech RepublicCustomer Support Engineer
Frank SchröderStuttgart, GermanySales Management
Ekaterina SheldukovaPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Petr ŠibíkPrague, Czech RepublicProduct Management
Rudolf ŠímaPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Marek ŠimonPrague, Czech RepublicIT Engineer
Michal SlámaPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Martin SmutnýPrague, Czech RepublicCustomer Support Engineer
Miloš SoukupPrague, Czech RepublicCustomer Support Engineer
Radek SoukupPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware-Test Development Engineer
Tomáš SoukupPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Vojtěch SoukupPrague, Czech RepublicCustomer Support Engineer
Jan StawarczykPrague, Czech RepublicUX Designer
Tomáš ŠtefanPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Timothy StröbeleStuttgart, GermanyProfessional Services Management
Jakub StrolenýPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Ladislav ŠustrPrague, Czech RepublicIT Engineer
Petr SvobodaPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware-Test Development Engineer
Šimon VanickýPrague, Czech RepublicQA Engineer
Viorica VisanPrague, Czech RepublicSoftware Engineer
Jiří WalekPrague, Czech RepublicProduct Management
Georgina WhiteAlameda, CA, USACustomer Support Engineer
Adrian WhitfieldMaryland Heights, MO, USAProduct Management
Leila YelemessovaPrague, Czech RepublicProduct Owner
Robert YumolAlameda, CA, USACustomer Support Engineer