Thank you for choosing Polarion solutions for your Application Lifecycle Management needs.

The current product version is 18.3

Help and Other Documentation

Polarion documentation is provided as web-based online Help. The documentation covers all features of the Polarion platform. However, depending on your license, some of the features described may not be visible or may be disabled in the portal when you log in. Documentation generally notes if some feature or information is restricted to one or more product licenses. The following icon convention is used:

Table 1. Product Icons

IconProduct Name

Polarion ALM

Polarion PRO


Polarion QA

Polarion REVIEWER (see below)

Polarion REVIEWER provides a low-cost license for read access to most portal content (subject to user permissions), and allows a licensed user to approve Work Items, and create or reply to Work Item comments. Administration features are not available to users of this license.

In addition to the above, the following add-on is available:

  • Polarion VARIANTS: This add-on provides a back-end server component which, when combined with capabilities built into some project templates, adds robust variant management capabilities to the above products.

If no product icon appears for a topic, the assumption is that the content is applicable to all products. If a topic applies only to certain products, the icon(s) appear beneath the topic main heading. Occasionally, a topic generally applicable to all products may contain one or more subtopics which are applicable only to specific products. In such cases, the icon(s) appear beneath the subtopic heading.

Help Structure

Polarion ALM Help is divided into the following major "books":

  • Administrator's Guide: Provides information for administrators about configuring Polarion ALM, managing user accounts, setting up and configuring projects, scheduling jobs, and general maintenance.

  • User Guide: Provides information about features and common tasks. There are topics with information and links for people in different roles: project managers, requirements engineers, developers, or QA Testers, for example.

  • Reference: Provides reference information and a Glossary.

Installation Documentation

PDF versions of documentation covering server and license installation are included with all Polarion distributions.

They, along with additional Enterprise Setup, Single Sign-on and Integration documentation are available at SIEMENS' Doc Center.

The bundled Windows and Linux installation documentation cover the following:

  • System requirements (hardware and software)

  • Installation/uninstallation procedure

  • Key initial system configuration, such as SMTP server for notifications.

  • Start-up/shutdown procedure

  • License activation procedure

  • Portal access instructions

  • How to change the default administration password

  • Basic post-installation configuration

Where to begin with Help

The following information may help you get started with the documentation.

If your role is:

  • System Administrator: Installation Guide (separate documentation in installation bundle), Administrator's Guide

  • System User: User Guide

Some key topics for system users include:

If your role is, or is similar to one of the following, some additional Help topics could be of interest to you.

Video Tutorials

If you are new to Polarion ALM (or even if you aren't), you may find the tutorial video series useful. It is available on the Polarion ALM website at https://polarion.plm.automation.siemens.com/tutorials.


If default functionality doesn't fully meet your needs, you may find a solution on the Polarion ALM Extensions web portal. There you will find a catalog of useful extensions for Polarion ALM solutions ranging from utilities to project templates, to complete features.

The Extensions portal is located at: http://extensions.polarion.com. You can click the Extensions link in the tool view of Navigation to visit the site.