Tips for Using the Online Help

Welcome to the Polarion ALM Platform Online Help System. Here are a few tips that might prove useful in navigating and finding content.

Browsing Topics

The available topics are listed in the Contents frame (Contents icon) on the left. Click on a topic to display its content in this frame. If a topic has sub-topics, clicking it will also expand its node in the Contents frame, enabling you to jump directly to any sub-topic.

Use the Back and Forward buttons to navigate within the history of topics you have viewed during the current session.


To quickly locate topics on a particular subject in the documentation, enter one or more words in the Search field and click GO. Search results appear in the Search tab (Search icon). Multiple finds are listed by relevance to the word(s) searched.

By default, all topics are searched. You can define one or more different search scopes to search specific areas of Help. For example, you might create a scope that searches only User Guide topics. Click on the Search scope link and use the dialog to create one or more new search scopes. You can then change the scope of any search using the Search scope link and selecting one of the search scopes you defined.


Clicking the Show in Table of Contents button (Show in Table of Contents icon) will select that topic in the navigation tree. The Link with Contents button (Link with Contents icon) keeps the navigation tree synchronized to the current topic.


You can find information about various support options on the Polarion ALM website at