Configuring Test Export Templates

Polarion provides a default template for exporting Test Cases to Microsoft Excel. Administrators can download the default template file which can then be used as the basis for one or more custom templates. An administrator can upload customized template files which users can subsequently select as templates for Excel files generated by exporting Test Cases to Excel. Custom templates can be uploaded in the global scope, to serve as the default for new projects, or in specific projects.

To access the test export templates:

  1. Log in with administrator permissions for the scope you want to access (global or project).

  2. Open the repository if you want to access the global templates, or open the relevant project. (See User Guide: Accessing Projects).

  3. In Navigation, expand Testing and select Test Export Templates.

    The Test Export Templates page loads in your browser displaying the existing templates for the current scope (if any).

To download an existing template file:

  1. On the Test Export Templates page, click on the template you want to download.

  2. Click the Download button on the page header.

To upload a custom export template file:

  1. Be sure you are working in the desired scope. For example, if you downloaded a global template and want to use a modified version for a project, be sure to open the project. If you forget that, you will overwrite the global template file with the modified file.

  2. Open the Test Export Templates page (Navigation: Testing > Test Export Templates).

  3. On the page header, click the Upload button. In the Upload Export Template dialog, select the template file on your local file system.

    If you want to upload to overwrite an existing template, check this option in the Upload Export Template dialog.