8. Configuring the Portal

The Portal topic of Administration provides access to configuration and customization of various features of the Polarion portal:

Configuring Shortcuts and Favorites

Scope(s): repository, project

You can configure the global and project-specific default Shortcuts and Favorites to be shown to users in the Navigation panel. Shortcuts appear in the Global Shortcuts and Project Shortcuts topics. There is also a User Shortcuts topic, but administrators cannot configure default shortcuts for it. (Note that it may be necessary to use the Expand control to access the Shortcuts topics). Favorites (a.k.a. Favorite Shortcuts) appear in the top section of the panel. (See User Guide: Portal Tour: Navigation and Content for more information.)

The default Favorites you configure will be shown in the Favorites section of Navigation to new users, and to users who reset Favorites. Keep in mind that users can customize their Favorites and may choose not to show the configured defaults.

Global and project shortcuts can be modified by users who have permissions to do so via the Manage Shortcuts topic in Navigation (Tool view). They can add new shortcuts, and remove or change the order of existing shortcuts. As an administrator, you can review Global and project shortcuts in the Administration topics and remove any user-defined shortcuts that are outdated or inappropriate.

Global and Project Shortcuts

You can configure the content of the Shortcuts topics in the Navigation pane. Shortcuts provide users with quick access to actions (such as creating a new Work Item), wiki pages, or subsets of Work Items (which also includes the Work Item view).

Configuration data is stored in the shortcuts.xml file for the relevant scope. You can edit this file directly in Administration, or download it, edit offline, and upload back to the server. When you configure shortcuts for a repository, they appear as nodes under the Global Shortcuts topic in the Navigation panel. When you configure shortcuts for a project, they appear under Project Shortcuts when users open the respective project.

To access the shortcuts configuration:

  1. Log in with administrator permissions for the scope you want to configure

  2. If you want to configure shortcuts globally, log in to the repository you want to configure (if your system is configured for multiple repositories), enter Administration, and open the Repository. (See User Guide: Accessing Projects

  3. If you want to configure shortcuts for a project, enter Administration and open the desired project. (See User Guide: Accessing Projects.)

  4. In the Navigation pane, expand Portal and select Shortcuts.

You can either edit the configuration online in the text editor on the configuration page, or you can download the XML configuration file, edit it with a preferred tool, and upload it back to the portal.

The best way to familiarize yourself with the XML is to look at the default global configuration, and the project configuration for the example project(s) included with your Polarion product. For example, you can readily see that a shortcut to a set of Work Items involved embedding the syntax of some query in the query parameter of a <shortcut> element. For example, this shortcut would show unresolved Work Items with the Suspect flag set:

<shortcut name="Suspect Work Items" icon="/polarion/ria/images/details/table.gif" 
  pagePath="workitems" query="suspect:true" resolution="unresolved"/>

Favorite Shortcuts

You can configure the default Favorite shortcuts that appear to new portal users, and existing users who reset their Favorites. You can configure default Favorites for repositories, Project Groups, and projects.

When working in repository Administration topics are available:

  • Portal > Default Favorite Shortcuts for Projects

  • Portal > Default Favorite Shortcuts for Repository and Groups

When working in project Administration, the project-scope configuration is in Portal > Default Favorite Shortcuts. Settings in this scope override those of the global configuration in Default Favorite Shortcuts for Projects.

This configuration requires editing XML. It is normally performed directly in the Administration page using the editor provided.

To configure default Favorites:

  1. Open the desired configuration topic in Administration (one of those described above).

  2. Edit the XML to create the desired configuration. (Check the configuration in the sample projects as examples.)