2. Administration Topics Overview

Overview of Topics

When you have administrator permissions for the scope you are working in (Repository or a project), the Administration link appears in the tool view of Navigation. Click it to enter the administration interface for the current scope.

When you enter the Administration interface, the Navigation pane contains a tree of Topics - links that take you into various administration functions and provide access to configuration files and graphical interfaces (where available). Nodes displaying a > symbol are administration categories. Clicking such nodes expands them to show the available topics. Clicking a topic opens the relevant administrative function in the Content Pane.

Some configurations provide a graphical user interface (GUI) that enable you to edit the configuration visually. For example, Workflow and Enumerations have such interfaces. In all other cases, configuration requires editing the respective XML configuration file. When you select this type of topic in the Navigation pane, the Content Pane provides access to and information about the configuration file and help texts. Two options for editing the configuration file are also provided:

  1. Off-line editing: Links and controls are provided for downloading the current version of the configuration file, and uploading the modified file back to the repository.

  2. On-line editing: A basic text editor is provided that enables you to load the current version of the configuration file, edit the XML on line in the portal, and commit the changes immediately.

Each of the available topics is documented in the Administrator's Guide. Reference information about data fields, defaults, is provided in the Administration Reference.

The following topics are available in the Administration interface:

Table 2.1. Administration Topics

ProjectsRepositoryCreate and manage projects in the repository
ProjectProjectSettings for the currently open project
Project TemplatesRepositoryAccess to Project templates, including download and upload
User ManagementRepository, projectManage users, permissions, and user roles per project or system-wide
Work ItemsRepository, Project, Project group (limited)Customize Work Item types, fields, Interfaces, assignment, workflow, project planning, time management, voting
TestingRepository, ProjectTest management configuration settings
PortalRepository, projectDefine Shortcuts
ReportsRepository, projectConfigure report descriptors, work Item metrics, and various reports
BuildingRepository, projectDefine build artifacts (project only) and descriptors, configure Work Item reports
WikiRepository, ProjectConfigure defaults for exported Wiki pages (header, footer, etc.)
NotificationsRepository, projectConfigure how and when email notifications are sent to users
SchedulerRepositoryConfigure scheduled jobs (builds, dashboard updates, system cleanup, etc.)
MaintenanceRepository, ProjectCheck and refresh indexes, clear system caches, and capture Thread Dumps of all Java threads.
LicenseRepositoryLicense assignment tools; license usage information
RepositoriesRepository, ProjectConfiguration of external repositories