17. Configuration Properties

Edit System Properties


This where administrators can add and edit advanced configuration properties while the server is still running.

The properties can be set to affect the Project or Repository levels.

(Values that are not set on the Project level are inherited from the Repository level.)

Property Inheritance

When viewing the Properties page for a selected Project, only properties that are set for that Project will appear.

(View the Properties screen on the Repository level to view all properties that are inherited by all Projects.)

Currently Supported Properties:

Use this option to use the classic execution extension on Test Cases instead of the revamped execution view introduced in Polarion 18.

Classic test execution view will become obsolete

To give current testers some time to transition to the new Test Execution View workflow, we will still support the Classic Test Execution View for a few more releases. Recommendation: Get to know the improved workflow outlined in the Executing a Test Run Using Polarion section.