Configuring Document Custom Fields

You can create custom fields for Documents. Document Custom Fields are a property of each Document, and should not be confused with custom fields of Work Items, which are a property of Work Items. Administrators can define Document Custom Fields globally, as the default for all new Documents, and also in specific projects. As with all global configurations, project configurations of Document custom fields can override the global configuration.

Users can access Document Custom Fields in the Document Properties panel of the Document Sidebar in the Document Editor.

To access Document custom fields configuration:

  1. Open the project you wish to configure, or the repository to configure the Global scope. (You must have administrator permissions for the scope.)

  2. Open Administration, expand Documents and Pages, and select Document Custom Fields.

The Document Custom Fields page displays a table listing the Document Custom Fields currently configured for the current scope. You can:

Notes on the Configuration

  • The ID column value must be unique per configuration.

  • Changing the type of existing fields is not recommended if Documents already contain field data of a different, incompatible type.

  • To allow the field to store multiple values, check the box in the Multi column.

  • To make the field required, check the box in the Required column. If checked, users will be prompted to supply a value before they will be allowed to save changes to a Document if any required Document Custom Field does not contain a value.

  • You can optionally specify a default value for each Document Custom Field. You might consider doing this for required fields. Be sure the value specified is compatible with the Type. If the Type is Enum, be sure the default value exists in the enumeration specified.

  • Document custom fields are copied when a Document is reused or branched. Users will not be able to reuse or branch a Document if there are validation errors in any of its custom fields. Document custom fields are always editable in reused/branched Documents. Custom fields in a derived Document are ignored when the Document is updated.

  • Changes to Document custom fields and custom field values are automatically tracked in the Document history, and are show in comparisons of Document revisions.