Polarion ALM Platform Help
    Help and Other Documentation
      Help Structure
      Installation Documentation
      Where to begin with Help
      Video Tutorials
    Quick Overview
    About Polarion
      Trademarks and Acknowledgments
  User Guide
    1. Portal Tour
      Navigation and Content
        Navigation Topics Overview
          Home Topic and Home Pages
          Work Items
          Test Runs
          Documents and Pages
          Repository Browser
          Shortcuts Topics
        Searching the Portal
          Navigation Content
          Project Content
          Portal Content
    2. Projects
      Creating a User Account and Logging In
        Creating an Account Explicitly
        Creating an Account Automatically
        How to Change Your Password
          Password Characters
        Disabling Email Notifications
        Understanding Your User Permissions
      Creating Projects
        Creating a New Project From a Template
        Populating a New Project from MS Project
      Accessing Projects
        Accessing a Different Server
        Accessing Project Documents
        Accessing Project Work Items
          Work Item View Selection
          Using queries and shortcuts
        Accessing Project Pages
    3. Home Topic
      Working with Home Pages
        Home Page Content
          Editing Home Page Content
      Your Personal Home Page
        Options for Using Your Page
          Converting from Classic Wiki Format
        Setting an Avatar Image
          Uploading an Avatar Image
          Using a gravatar.com Avatar Image
        Accessing Your User Account Page
      Personalizing Navigation
        Creating a New Favorite
        Modifying Favorites
    4. Dashboards Topic
      Working with the Dashboard topic
        Repository and Project Group Dashboards
        Project Dashboard
        Editing the Dashboard Topic
        Updating the Dashboards
    5. Plans Topic
      Introduction to Plans
        Browsing Plans
        Reviewing a Plan
          Reviewing a Release Plan
          Reviewing an Iteration Plan
        Creating a New Plan
        Setting Plan Properties
          Basic Properties
          Configuration Properties
        Understanding Plan Actions
        Starting and Finishing a Plan
        Reviewing Plan History
          Viewing a Plan Revision
          Comparing Plan Revisions
        Creating Plan Reports
      Planning and Prioritizing Work Items
        Planning Work Items
          Preparing to Add Work Items
          Finding Work Items for the Plan
          Adding Items to the Plan
        Prioritizing Planned Work Items
          Storing Priority Data
          Opening a Plan's Items for Prioritization
    6. Work Items Topic
      Work Item Types
      Work Items Topic Overview
         Table View
         Tree View
         Live Plan View
         Road Map View
         Multi Edit View
         Matrix View
         Time Sheet View
        Work Item Browser and Editor Panes
          Work Item Browse/Select Pane
          Work Item Viewer/Editor Pane
          Viewing Work Item History
          Linking to Another Work Item
      Importing Work Items
        Importing from Word
        Importing from Excel
          Preparing to Import
          Importing to a Document
          Importing to the Tracker
          Field Mapping and Import Rules
            Creating and Reusing Import Configurations
        Importing from Microsoft Project
      Browsing Work Items
        Sorting Work Items
        Customizing the Work Items Table
          Customizing the Current Session
          Creating Persistent Table Configurations
          Wrapping Text in Table Cells
        Switching Interface Views
          Toggle Work Item Detail Level
        Viewing Linked Work Items
      Searching Work Items
        Constructing Queries Graphically
          Tips and Tricks
        Saving and Sharing Queries
           Running a Saved Query
          Personal Default Query
            Preference When Switching Contexts
      Creating and Editing Work Items
        Creating New Work Items
          Using the Quick Work Item Icons
          Creating New Work Items in Excel
          Create a Work Item in the Browser Address Bar
        Editing Work Items
          Work Item Detail Level
          Filtering Lists and Menus
          Using Bulk Edit for Multiple Work Items
            Bulk Editing a Large Number of Work Items
            Bulk Edit: Disabled Fields
          Editing the Description Field
            Formatting Text
            Using Keyboard Shortcuts
            Inserting Images or Attachment Previews
              Pasting Images from Clipboard
            Inserting and Formatting Tables
            Inserting Hyperlinks
            Inserting a Diagram
          Using Multi Edit
      Reviewing and Approving Work Items
        Approval Center Overview
        Getting Started
          Roles and Permissions
          Review and Configure Workflow
            New Projects
            Existing Projects
            Electronic Signatures
          Approval Center Interface
            Understanding the Approval Statistics
        Using Approval Center Features
          Reviewing Current Approvals
          Inviting Approvers
          Finding Your Items to Approve
            Querying for Approval Items
          Approving/Disapproving Work Items
            Marking a Single Work Item
            Marking Multiple Work Items
          Working with Approval Comments
            Adding an Approval Comment
            Replying to an Approval Comment
            Resolving Approval Comments
            Viewing Resolved Comments
            Reopening Resolved Approval Comments
          Resetting the Approval State
          Sign Work Items
            Work Item Approval Signatures
            Approve and Sign an Work Item
            Change the Approval State
            Work Item Approval and Workflow Change Traceability
            Sign a Work Item Workflow Status Change
      Common Operations with Work Items
        Assigning a Work Item
          Assigning to Multiple Assignees
        Changing a Work Item's Status
        Prioritizing Work Items
          Setting Priority Value
            Launching Prioritization Mode
            Techniques for Setting Priority
            Assigning a Rank
            Setting a Numeric Value
            Reordering Priority With Buttons
            Reordering Items Visually
            Rescaling Selected Items
            Rescaling All Items
            Prioritizing on a Custom Field
        Adding Comments to a Work Item
          Viewing Comments
          Replying to a Specific Comment
          Querying Comments by Author
          Resolving Work Item Comments
        Attaching Files to a Work Item
          Removing your vote
        Viewing Work Item History
        Setting and Removing Watches
          Toggling a Personal Watch
          Viewing Your Watches
          Adding and Removing Watchers
        Setting Planning Constraints
        Printing Work Items
          Multi Edit View
        Clipboard Operations
          Browser Settings for Clipboard Access
            Microsoft Internet Explorer
            Mozilla Firefox
            Google Chrome
      Linking Work Items
        Link a Resource - Resource Traceability
        Linking Individual Work Items
          Link a Work Item to a Specific Revision
          Linking Work Items Across Projects
          Using Quick-link
          Repository Revision Links
        Linking Multiple Work Items at Once
        Linking Work Items in Documents
         Linking to Remote Work Items
        Add Linked Data Items to Work Items
          Add an External Linked Data Item to a Work Item
          If Post-processing Operations Fail
        Linking Work Items in the Matrix View
        Creating Links in Multi Edit View
        How Links are handled in Live Plan
        Suspect Links
          Structural Document Links are not Suspect
        Work Item Hyperlinks
          Usage Examples
          Hyperlink Roles
          Hyperlink Types
          Creating a Hyperlink
      Exporting Work Items
        Basic Export Procedure
          Linked Work Items in Exports
          Repository Revisions in Exports
        Exporting the Hierarchical Table
        Exporting the Matrix View
          Excel Table
          Excel Traceability Report
        Exporting to XML and Transformed Formats
        Exporting for Excel Round-trip
        Exporting to Microsoft Project
      Work Item Actions
        Duplicating Work Items
          Work Item Bulk Copy
           Duplicate a Work Item from the Work Item List (In Table View)
          Duplicate a Work Item within a Document
        Changing the Work Item Type
        Creating and Linking New Work Items in a Single Operation
          Linking Work Item
            Creating a new Linking Work Item
          Linked Work Item
            Creating a new Linked Work Item
        Deleting Work Items
      Moving Work Items
        Moving from a Module to a Document
        Moving Between Documents
        Moving from Document to XML
        Moving from XML to a Document
      Using Excel Round-trip
        Excel Round-trip Templates
        Comments in Excel Round-trip
        Defining New Work Items
        Exporting for Excel Round-trip
          Unlockable Fields
          Notes and Tips
        Re-importing an Exported Excel Document
      Viewing Work Item Translations
        Translating Work Items
        Switching Languages in a Document
    7. Documents and Pages Topic
    8. Test Runs Topic
      Test Runs Page
        Where to Find More Information
    9. Baselines Topic
      Working with Baselines
        Creating a Baseline
        Modifying an existing baseline
        Comparing Baselines
          Viewing Baselines Comparison Reports
        Browsing, Searching, and Reporting Baselines
    10. Builds Topic
      Builds Page
        Where to find more information
    11. Quality Topic & Metrics
      Quality Dashboards, Audits, and Metrics
        Process Dashboard
        Work Items Dashboard
        Testing Dashboard
        CMMI Dashboard
    12. Reports Topic
      Source Code Reports and Documentation
        Maven Site
        Unit Test Coverage
        Unit Tests
    13. Monitor Topic
      Jobs Pane
      Scheduled Jobs Pane
    14. Repository Browser Topic
      Browsing the Repository
        Drill-down into folders
        Selecting a Different Revision
        Comparing Revisions
          Additional Commands
      Repository Operations
        Download a Folder
        Download a File
        Commit a Modified File
        Add a Folder/Directory
        Add a File
        Delete Files or Folders
    15. Working With Documents
      Creating a New Document
        Spaces and Subspaces
          A Nested Spaces Hierarchy
          Rename or Delete Space/Subspace
            Rename a Space/Subspace
            Delete a Space or Subspace
        Creating Empty Documents
        Add Remote Links to a LiveDoc
          Add an External Linked Data Item
      Importing Microsoft Word Documents
        Launching Word Import
        Configuring Automatic Work Item Recognition
          Advance Preparation
          Preparing the Document
          Defining a Simple Work Item Rule
          Defining Advanced Option Rules
           Import Work Items from Tables
           Saving Work Item Rules for Reuse
          Using a Saved Import Configuration
        Setting Severity from Document Content
        Table of Contents
        Documents With OLE Objects
        Unsupported Content
      Using ReqIF Import/Export
        Supported Versions and File Types
        Importing ReqIF Files
          Mapping Attributes, Types and Fields
        Exporting Documents to ReqIF
          Mapping Types and Attributes
            Reusing Mapping Configurations
      Accessing Existing Documents
        Browsing for Documents
        Searching for Documents
      Editing a Document
        Find and Replace
          On-demand Work Item Loading OFF
          With On-demand Work Item Loading ON
            Replace & Replace All
            Internet Explorer Limitations
        Copy and Paste
          Pasting Images from Clipboard
          Cut Copy and Paste Within a Document
          Spellcheck and Performance
        Keyboard Shortcuts
        Work Items in Documents
          Marking Document Content as Work Items
            Modifying Work Items
          Structuring a Document's Work Items
            Using the Tracker Interface
          Linking a Document's Work Items
            Linking Within One Document
            Linking Across Different Documents
            Linking from Document to Tracker
          Multiple Work Item Types
            Referenced Work Item Types
          Accessing Work Item Properties
            Locating Referenced Work Items
          Editing Work Item Links
            Linking Work Items in One Document
            Linking Between Documents
            Using the Linked Work Items Dialog
          Showing Data Field Values
          Using Outline Numbering
            With Document Headings
            With Work Items
          Work Item Recycle Bin
          Filtering Work Items in Documents
        Comments and Threads
          Adding New Comments
            Required Work Item Comments
            Comments in Excel Round-trip
          Accessing Existing Comments
          Replying to Existing Comments
          Deleting Comments
          Resolving Document Comments and Threads
        Images and Other Attachments
          Downloading an Attachment
          Updating an Attachment
          Deleting an Attachment
          Querying for Attachments
        Insert a Cross-reference
          When Exporting Cross-references:
            Exporting Cross-references to Microsoft Word:
            Exporting Cross-references to PDF:
          The Difference between a Live Link and a Cross-reference:
          Cross-references in Branched, Variant or Reused Documents:
        Inserting a Diagram
        Inserting a Table of Contents
          Updating the TOC
          Deleting the TOC
          Inserting New Paragraphs
        Inserting a Table of Figures
        Inserting a Table of Tables
        Inserting Page Breaks
        Inserting Classic Wiki Macros and Content
          Modifying Wiki Content
          Deleting Embedded Wiki Content
        Resolving Conflicts
      Sharing Documents Using Word Round-trip
        Exporting for Review
        Exporting for Prioritization
        Exporting for Collaboration
        Table of Contents Export
        Using Round-trip Export Templates
          Document-specific Export Template
          Customizing Header and Footer
          Customizing the Table of Contents
          Customizing Styles
        Re-importing Shared Documents
          Notes on Re-importing
      Document Properties, History and Outline
        Document Properties
          Auto-Suspect Property
          On-demand Work Item Loading
            Turn ON/OFF On-demand Work Item Loading
        Document History
          Viewing Document History
          Comparing Document Revisions
            Comparing table changes when cells have been merged
            Exporting Comparison to PDF
        Document Outline
      Document Actions
        Reusing a Document
          Derived Documents
            Updating Derived Documents
            Referenced Work Items in a Copy
            Marking Links As Suspect
          Reusing Multiple Documents
        Branching Documents
          Variants Based on a Revision
          Creating a Branched Document
            Branching the Current State
            Branching a Historical Revision
            Branching a Baseline
            Branching a Filtered Document
        Working with Branched Documents
          Accessing and Reading Branched Documents
          Comparing Documents
            Selecting a Compare View
             Comparing to a Filtered Document
            Exporting Comparison to PDF
            Comparing to Last Saved Version
          Finding Documents Referencing Work Items
          Work Items in Branched Documents
            Commenting Referenced Work Items
            Branching Work Items with "Overwrite"
            Freezing Work Items at a Revision
            Inserting Referenced Work Items in Bulk
            Tracing to Linked Work Items
            Referenced Work Item Outline Numbers
        Moving or Renaming a Document
        Changing Work Item Type
          Using the Document Editor
          Using the Work Item Editor
        Printing Documents
        Exporting Documents to PDF
          Customizing PDF Header, Footer, and Watermark
      Merging Document Work Items
        Understanding Merge Actions and Terms
        Getting Started With Merging
        Understanding the Work Items Page
          Using the Merge Sidebar
          Merging Fields
        Handling of Merge Conflicts
      Signing Documents
        Overview of Document Signature
          In an SSO Environment
          Regulatory Compliance
          Process and Versions
        Information for Authors and Managers
          Inviting People to Sign
            Automating the Invitees List
          Monitoring Signatures
          Restarting the Process
          Completing the Process
        Information for Reviewers and Approvers
          Accessing a Document
          Signature Options
            What Your Signature Means
        Additional Information Related to Signatures
          Signature Comments
          Signature Information in Documents
          Signature Information in History
            Accessing Signed Revisions
          Querying on Document Signature
          Signatures and Branched Documents
    16. Working With Pages
      Page Basics
        Creating New Pages
        Accessing Existing Pages
          Browsing for Pages
          Searching for Pages
        Deleting Pages
        Editing Pages
          Modifying Page Layout
            Selecting a Layout
            Adding or Removing Regions
            Resizing a Region
          Formatting Text
            Change the Ordered List Style
            Enabling Outline Numbering
            Copy and Paste
          Inserting Content
            Insert Image or Attachment Preview
              To Add a New Image or Attachment
            Inserting Attachments
            Managing Attachments
              Access Attachments via the Attachment Sidebar
              Add a New Attachment
              Updating an Existing Attachment
              Deleting Attachments
            Inserting Tables
            Inserting Links
            Inserting a Table of Contents
            Inserting Widgets
          Saving Changes
            Handling Conflicting Changes
        Working With Page History
        Exporting and Printing Pages
          Controlling Exported Content
        Downloading and Reusing Pages
      Building Reports
        Overview of Reports
        Introduction to Widgets
        Using Widgets
          Inserting a Widget
          Editing Existing Widgets
            Widget Layout and Sizing
          Inserting Content Before or After
          Copying Widgets
          Deleting Widgets
        Making Widgets Work
          Add a Widget
          Kanban Board
            Add a Kanban Board
            Customize the Kanban Board's Appearance
              Customization Options
          Table of Work Items Example
          Work Items Board
            Define what Fields Appear in the Parameters Sidebar
          Scripted Chart
          Simple Chart Example
          Trend Chart Example
          Simple Plan Example
            Plan Label
            Open Plan in Table and Plan Status
            Plan Activity Stream
            Plan Progress
          Simple Test Run Example
            Getting Started
            Enabling Display of Test Run Status
            Enabling Test Run Execution
            Enabling Test Run Status Change
            Displaying Electronic Signatures
            Displaying Test Records
        Making Reports Interactive
          Defining Page Parameters
          Connecting Page and Widget Parameters
          Configuring the Page Parameters Widget
        Advanced Topics
          Security: Best Practices for Pages
          Reusing Widgets
          Using a Page Script
          Organizing Widgets With Tags
          Using the SQL Query Type
          Implementing a Custom Action Button
          Rendering Portal Activities
          Displaying the Contents of Spaces
    17. Polarion for Requirements Engineers
      Getting Started with Requirements Management
        Approaches to Requirements
          Features to Explore
        Requirements Projects
          Integrating with Development and QA
        Elicitation Phase
        Definition Phase
        Approval Phase
      Common Operations
        Locating Requirements
        Creating Requirements
        Accessing Requirements
          Filtering for Type
          Legacy tool: Module
          Legacy tool: 2010 Documents
        Modifying Requirements
        Linking Requirements
          Linking in Documents
          Linking in the Work Item Editor
        Exporting Requirements
        Exchanging Requirements
        Reviewing and Approving Requirements
      Advanced Topics
        Using the Traceability Matrix
        Traceability Reporting
    18. Polarion for Project Managers
      Planning to Start a Project
        Project Templates
        Work Item Types
        Work Item Link Roles
          Link Role Rules
        Electronic Signatures
        Custom Work Item Fields
        Automatic Assignments
        Users and Permissions
        Project Plan
      Project Template for Agile Process
        Agile Software Project Template
      Project Administration
        Locking Work Records
      Managing Project Planning
        Setting Up for the Planning Engine
          "Dummy" Project Planning
        Updating the Live Plan
          On-demand Update
          Conflict resolution in Live Plan
        Understanding Live Plan Scheduling
          Effects of Planning Constraint, Due Date, and Time Point fields
        Setting up Work Items for Live Plan
          Initial Estimate
          Remaining estimate
          Due Date
          Time Point
          Planning Constraint
            Planned items in the Live Plan
          Planned To
        Estimating Work Item Duration
          The Time Spent field
      Dashboards and Reports
        Accessing a Project Dashboard
        Generating Reports
          Time and Progress Reports
            Building a query
            Generating and Exporting
          Reviewing Baselines and Baseline Reports
          Generating and Reviewing Work Reports
            Non-working Time Representation
            Automating Work Reports
          CMMI Report
            Accessing and Running the CMMI Report
            Report Structure
    19. Polarion for Developers
      Accessing Projects and Work Items
        Accessing Projects
        Locating your Work Items
          Using Search to find Work Items
          Using Shortcuts to locate Work Items
          Using Topics to locate Work Items
      Processing Work Items
        Configuring your User Calendar
          Accessing your User Calendar
          Editing your User Calendar
            Reverting to the Global Schedule
            Defining Schedule Exceptions
        Viewing and Editing a Work Item
          Editing a Work Item
        Linking Source Code Elements for Traceability
        Estimating Work Item Time
          Time notation syntax
            Hours as Decimal Values
        Reporting Time for Individual Work Items
          Work Records in Multi Edit View
        Using the Time Sheet View
        Work Item Discussion and Comments
        Resolving or Closing a Work Item
          Linking a Resolved Item to a Repository Revision
          Creating a link to a revision
            Links Pinned to Revisions
          Auto-linking via Subversion Commit Messages
      Builds, Tests, Source Code and Documentation
        Working with Builds
          Starting a New Build
          Configuring Project Builds
          Backing up Project Builds
        Working with Tests
        Viewing Source Code and Documentation
    20. Polarion for Testing and Quality Assurance
      Test Management Projects and Templates
        Project Templates
        Exploring Template Capabilities
        Introducing the QA Project Template
          Process Overview
      Creating and Managing Test Specifications
        Importing from Microsoft Office
          Importing Multivalued Data
          Defining Test Steps in Excel
        Defining Test Cases in Documents
          Exporting Test Documents to Word
        Defining Test Cases in the Tracker
        Linking Test Cases
        Specifying Manual Test Steps
          Specify Manual Test Steps in the Classic Execution View
          Editing Test Steps in Documents
      Creating and Managing Test Runs
        Customizing Test Run Templates
          Editing Test Run Template Properties
          Specifying Test Case Selection
          Modifying A Test Run Template's Page
        Creating a Test Run
          Modifying Test Run Properties
        Selecting (Planning) Test Cases
          Tracker Approach
          Document Approach
          Planning From a Document Revision
        Editing an Existing Test Run
        Adding Attachments to a Test Run
        Executing a Test Run Using Polarion
          Auto Advance to and Auto Start the next Test Case
          Executing Test Cases Without Steps
          Execute or Monitor Multiple Test Runs Simultaneously
          Signing Executed Test Cases
          Reuse of Defect or Issue Items
          Show an Executed Test for a Finished Test Run
        Classic Test Execution View
          Executing Test Steps
          Executing Test Cases Without Steps
          Executing an Unplanned Test Case
          Execute or Monitor Multiple Test Runs Simultaneously.
          Signing Executed Test Cases
          Reuse of Defect or Issue Items
          Show an Executed Test for a Finished Test Run
        Executing a Test Run Offline Using Excel
          Before You Begin
          Exporting Test Cases to Excel
          Importing Test Results from Excel
          Test Export Templates
        Signing a Test Run
          Adding Comments to a Test Run
        Commenting Test Runs
        Deleting Old Test Runs Manually
          Automated Cleanup of Old Test Runs
          Preserving Test Runs in History
        Reviewing Test Execution Records
        Viewing Test Run History
      Using Test Parameters and Iterations
        Test Parameters Overview and Example
          Visibility of Test Parameters
        Parameters in Test Run Templates
          Test Run Template Example
        Defining Iterations
        How To Set Up Parameterized Testing
          Defining the Test Parameters Library
            Test Parameters Library Administration
          Defining Test Parameters in a Test Run Template
          Defining Test Parameters and Values in Test Runs
          Using Test Parameters in Test Steps
          Providing Parameter Values in Test Cases
            Defining the Iterations
          Executing Parameterized Test Runs
        Using Round-trip for Excel
      Integrating with External Testing Tools
        Job Configuration Syntax
      Reporting Testing Status and Results
        Test Management Macros
        Reporting Test Results from Baselines
    21. Managing Variants
      Introduction to Variant Management
          Polarion VARIANTS Glossary
        Process Overview
        Variant Projects and Project Templates
          Using the Variant Project Template
      Defining the Feature Model
        The Feature Model Document
        How to Create a Feature Model
          Creating the Feature Model Space
          Creating the Feature Model Document
          Creating Feature Items
            Setting Variation Type
          Defining the Feature Model Structure
            Linking Features for Validation
      Creating a Master Specification
        Creating the Work Items
          Structuring the Work Items
        Defining Restrictions
          Setting Up the Sidebar
          Specifying a Restriction
          pvSCL Expression Language
            Boolean Values
            Logical Combinations
      Creating Variants and Variant Specifications
        What is a Variant?
        Creating a Variant
          Selecting Features
          Validating Features
          Setting Variant Status
          Generating Variant Documents
            Regenerating Variant Specifications
        Comparing Variants
        Reviewing Variant History
        Working with Variant Documents
          Identifying the Variant Work Item
          Identifying the Master Specification(s)
          Searching for Generated Variant Documents
      Variant Management Advanced Topics
        Configure Variants for Existing Projects
          System Requirements:
           1. Configure the "Variant" Work Item Type
           2. Configure the "Feature" Work Item Type
           3. Configure the Specification Work Item Types
        Cross-project Variant Management
          Use the Same Configuration for All Work Items within a Project
          Use different Configurations for all Variants via Work Item Custom Fields
          Legacy Cross-project Configuration
          Comparing Cross-project Variants
          Minimize exceptions when migrating existing data sets
          Configure Propagation
        Back-end Server Administration
      Using Classic Wiki
        Page Types
        Accessing the Wiki
          Navigating Between Wiki Spaces
          Navigating to Wiki Pages
        Creating a New Wiki Space
          Changing a Space Title
        Creating a New Wiki Page
          Creating a New Wiki Page Via a Link
        Creating a Work Item from a Wiki Page
          Removing a Work Item Link
        Editing Wiki Pages
          Launching the Wiki Editor
          Using Rich Text mode
            Linking to Other Content
            Adding Attachments
          Using Wiki Mark-up
            Using Wiki Syntax Help
            Displaying Images
            Creating Tables
        Working with Attachments
          Adding an Attachment to a Wiki Page
          Updating an Existing Attachment on a Wiki Page
          Removing an Attachment from a Wiki Page
          Downloading an Attachment from a Wiki Page
        Adding Dynamic Content in Wiki Pages
          The {project} Macro
          The {workitem} and {workitems} Macros
            Using SQL Queries to Retrieve Work Items
          The {users} Macro
          The {toc} (Table of Contents) Macro
          The {import-automated-test-results} Macro
          The {pages} Macro
          The {activity-stream Macro}
          Using Queries in Macros
            Referencing Fields in Queries
          Displaying Charts in Wiki Pages
          Extending Wiki Pages with Velocity
          Creating Interactive Report Pages
            Parameter Macros
            Basic Parameter Usage
        Creating Charts in Wiki Pages
        Exporting Wiki Content to PDF
        Printing a Wiki Page
        Searching the Wiki
          Using Global Search
        Working with Wiki History
          Finding a Specific Revision
          Comparing Wiki Page Revisions
            Exiting History Comparison
          Rolling Back Changes
          Downloading Attachments from a Revision
        Using the Activity Stream
          Searching the Activity Stream
            Full-text Search
            Search by Activity Source and Type
        Wiki Administration Operations
          Deleting a Wiki Page
          Deleting a Wiki Space
      Microsoft Project Import-Export
        Exporting Work Items to Microsoft Project
          Opening the exported file in MS Project
      Deprecated Macros
        Miscellaneous Macros
          {includeForm} Macro
        Test Management Macros
          {testruns} Macro
          {testrun-results} Macro
          {execute-tests-button} Macro
  Administrator's Guide
    1. Getting Started
      Administration Basics
        Administration rights
          The Default Administration Account
          Defining Additional Administrators
        The Administration Interface
          Administration Scopes
          Graphical User Interface
          XML Configuration Files
        Resolving Problems & Troubleshooting
        Setup for Internet Explorer Users
    2. Administration Topics Overview
      Overview of Topics
    3. Managing Users & Permissions
      User Management in Polarion
        Users and Projects
        Creating User Accounts
          Creating a New User Account
            Specifying a License for User Accounts
          Enabling New Account Creation Form
            Enabling the Create New Account Form
          Configuring User Auto-create
          Enabling Users to Reset Password
          Modifying Existing User Accounts
            Accessing a User Account
            Editing a user account
            Changing a User's Password
          Deleting Users
            Resolving Users Who Cannot Be Deleted
        Configuring User Roles
          Default Roles
          Managing Role Definitions
            Adding a Role Definition
            Deleting a Role Definition
          Assigning Roles to Users
            The Assignable Role
            The user Role
          Synchronizing Roles with Repository
        Configuring User Permissions
          By Permission Tab
          By Role Tab
          Defining Permissions for Artifact Sets
            Creating a Custom Set
            Query for Permission Custom Sets
            Managing Custom Sets
          Setting Permissions for Work Item Fields
            Field READ Permission
          Important Permissions Ramifications
          Permissions for Test Runs
        Configuring User Time-splitting
          Accessing the Time-split Configuration
          Assigning Split Work Time
          Effect on Live Plan
        Integrating Polarion Server with LDAP/Active Directory
          Authentication Failover
          Configuring Polarion for LDAP User Synchronization
            Editing the Configuration
            Explicitly Invoking Synchronization
            Configuring the Default License
            Configuring the Default User Role(s)
          Synchronization of Polarion Users with LDAP
        Network-authenticated Users (SSO)
        Configuring the User Accounts Vault
    4. Creating & Managing Projects
      Project Administration
        Creating a New Project
          Creating a New Project from a Template
          Marking an Existing Repository Folder as a Project
        Modifying Existing Project Properties
          Accessing the Projects Table
          Modifying Project Details
        Adding and Removing Projects from Polarion Management
          Removing a Project
          Moving Projects
        Customizing Project Templates
          Why Create Project Templates?
          What's in a Project Template?
          Legacy Project Templates
          Accessing Project Templates
          Viewing Template Properties
          Duplicating a Project Template
          Downloading a Project Template
          Creating a Custom Project Template
          Approaches to Template Development
            Customizing Local Files
            Customizing using the Portal and SVN
            Replacing Work Item Prefix
          Controlling Access to Instantiated Projects
        Using External Repositories (GIT, SVN)
    5. Configuring Work Items
      Customizing Work Items & Related Features
        Configuring Work Item Types
        Configuring Time Points
          Creating a New Time Point
          Editing an Existing Time Point
            Deleting a Time Point
        Configuring Prioritization
          Priority Ranks
          Priority Increment
        Configuring Categories
          Creating a New Category
          Editing an Existing Category
            Deleting a Category
        Configuring Custom Fields
          Understanding the different configuration files
            All Work Item Types - Global Scope
            All Work Item Types - Project Scope
            Specific Work Item Type - Global Scope
            Specific Work Item Type - Project Scope
          Rich-text Custom Fields
          Custom Fields with Dependent Enumerations
            Configuring Dependent Enumerations
            Creating Dependent Custom Fields
          Removing or Changing Custom Fields
        Configuring Enumerations
          Enumeration Files and Conventions
            Editing Options for Enumerations
          Overview of the Configuration Process
          Common Configuration Scenarios
            Editing an existing global enumeration
            Creating a new type-specific enumeration
            Overriding global enumerations in a project
            Creating enumerations for Custom Fields
            Using Custom Icons in Enumerations
            Hiding Obsolete Values
          Common Enumeration Configurations
            Work Item Types
            Priority Ranks
            Dependent Enumerations
        Configuring Bulk Edit
        Defining Template Work Items
          Field Values Not Copied
        Customizing Export Templates
        Customize Field Filters
        Configuring Calculated Fields
          Example Use Case: Work Item Cost
            Defining the Custom Fields
            Defining the Calculated Fields
          Modifying Calculated Fields
        Configuring Work Item Workflow
          Configuration Process Summary
          Workflow Designer
          Accessing the Workflow Designer for Work Items
            Access for Global Configurations
            Access for Project Configurations
            The Workflow Topic
          Using the Workflow Designer
            Required roles
            Available conditions and functions
              Action Names
            Using the Transitions Matrix
          Workflow for Approvals
          Requiring Signatures for Workflow Actions
            Enabling Electronic Signatures Support
        Configuring Work Records
          Configuring Work Record Types
          Making Type and Comment Fields Required
          Locking Work Records
          Enabling Decimal Hours in Work Records
        Configuring the Work Items Table
          The Configuration File
          Accessing the Configuration Files
          Limiting Loading of Work Items
          Fields Displayed as Table Columns
        Configuring Queries
          Changing the System Default Query
        Configuring the Global Working Calendar
          Accessing the Working Calendar
          Modifying the Global Working Calendar
            Regular Schedule
            Schedule Exceptions
        Configuring Planning
          Splitting Work Items Across Time and Dependencies
          Due Date Planning Option
        Configuring Work Item Linking
          Link Roles and Rules
            Accessing the Configuration
            Defining Link Roles
            Defining Rules
            Configuring Work Item Linking Menus
            Rules in the Work Item interface
            Linking with Opposite Role
          Suspect Default State
          Enabling Linking Across Servers
        Configuring Auto-assignment
          Accessing the Configuration
          Creating a New Rule
          Modifying an Existing Rule
          Removing a Rule
        Configuring Voting
        Configuring Multi-language Support
    6. Configuring Testing
      Accessing the Configuration
      Configuring Types and Enumerations
        Test Results
        Test Run Custom Fields
        Test Run Statuses
        Test Run Types
      Setting the Testing Configuration
        Macros for Test Run Pages
        Configuring Test Run ID Prefix
        Generating Test Run IDs
          Generated ID Format
        Limiting Notifications for Imports
        Limiting Test Run Records in History
      Configuring Test Run Workflow
        Initial Setup for Existing Installations
          Alternatives for Advanced Users
        Using the Test Run Workflow Designer
          Defining Test Run Statuses
          Defining Workflow Actions
          Workflow and Imported Test Results
      Configuring Test Run Signatures
        Signatures for Test Run Workflow Actions
        Marking Signatures as Obsolete
        Signatures for Test Case Execution
          Signatures for Externally Executed Test Cases
      Configuring Test Export Templates
      Configuring Manual Test Steps
        Migrating Existing Test Steps Data
        Enabling Test Steps Support
        Enable the Test Records Section
        Configuring Test Step Columns
        Controlling Time Tracking for Test Execution
        Displaying Recent Results
      Configuring Cleanup of Old Test Runs
    7. Configuring Plans
      Plans Administration
        Enabling Plans
        Defining Plan Custom Fields
        Defining Plan Statuses
        Administering Plan Templates
          Creating a New Plan Template
          Viewing and Editing Plan Template Properties
          Plan Template Operations
        Configuring Plan Permissions
        Using the Plan Enumeration for Work Item Fields
    8. Configuring the Portal
      Configuring Shortcuts and Favorites
        Global and Project Shortcuts
        Favorite Shortcuts
      Configuring Languages
        Defining Custom Fields
        Configuring Multiple Languages
          Default Language Label
          Adding a Language
      Configuring Interface Views
        Configuration Scope
        Process Overview
        Views-related Features and Licenses
        Defining a New Interface View
        Accessing an Existing View Definition
          Deleting a View Definition
        Configuring Work Item Form Filters
          Creating a New Filter
          Modifying an Existing Filter
          Removing an Existing Filter
        Configuring Work Item Form Layout
          Creating a New Form Layout
          Modifying an Existing Form Layout
          Removing an Existing Layout
        Defining Read-only Fields
        Controlling Navigation Topics
    9. Configuring Reports
      Working with Report Configurations
        Source Code Reports
          Accessing the Configuration files
        Work Item Metrics
          Accessing the Configuration files
          Work Item Metrics Configuration Syntax
          Internally Defined Work Item Metrics
          In-place Defined Metrics
            field-sum and field-average
        Work Item Quality Report
          Accessing the Configuration files
        Process Quality Report
          Accessing the Configuration files
    10. Configuring Documents and Pages
      Configuring Document Types and Workflow
        Security: Best Practices for Pages
        Setting up Document Types and Workflow
        Configuring Document Types
        Configuring Document Workflow
          Configuration Process Summary
          Using the Transitions Matrix
      Configuring Document Custom Fields
        Notes on the Configuration
      Configuring Document Signatures
        Process Overview
        Configuring a Workflow Action
          Enabling Signatures
          Automating Invited Signers
        User Permissions for Signatures
          Document Signatures Custom Set
      Configuring Document Merge Actions
        Merge Terminology
        Working With the Configuration File
          Disabling Merge Actions
          Using Merge Action Conditions
            Conditions Configuration Format
            Query-based Merge Action Conditions
          Configuring Work Item Field Merging
      Configuring PDF Export
        Referencing Page Variables and Parameters
        Changing Embedded Fonts in Exported PDF
        Specifying PDF Margin Size
        Configuring Different First Page Header/Footer
        Configuring Export Watermarks
          Adding a Watermark Image to the Repository
          Including a Watermark in PDF Export
          Multiple Watermark Images
            Repository Setup Example
            Extending For Different Requirements
            How Watermarks Are Applied
        Configuring Highcharts Export
          Killing phantomjs Process on Restart
      Configuring Attachment Size Limit
    11. Configuring Notifications
      Notifications, Events, and Targets
        Enabling E-mail Notifications
        Accessing the Configuration
        Configuring Settings
        Configuring Event Targets
          Understanding the Events Table
        Customizing Layout of Notification Emails
         Finding Users with Disabled Notifications
    12. Configuring SSL Support
      Installing and Configuring SSL
        Configuring SSL on Linux
          Polarion Specific Settings
        Configuring SSL on Windows
        Additional Resources
        Importing a Certificate to the Java Keystore
          Windows Example
          Linux Example (CentOS)
          Keytool Commands
        Configuring Secure Access to the Repository
    13. Configuring Building
      Basic Build Management
        Quick Start: Simple Maven 2 Project
        Quick Start: Maven 2 Multiproject
        Quick Start: Ant Build
        Quick Start: Build with Makefile
        Quick Start: External Exe, Batch/Shell Script
        Quick Start: Continuous Integration
        Configuring Work Item Reports
          Editing the Configuration File
    14. Advanced Build Management
      Complex and Custom Building
        Build Artifacts
          Local deployment space
        Supported Build Artifacts
          Maven 2
         Build Descriptors (Definitions)
        Artifacts vs. Descriptors
        Build Properties
          Built-in Properties
          Standard Properties
          Build Execution Properties
          Maven 2-specific Properties
          Ant-specific Properties
          Shell-specific Properties
        Working Directory
        Auto-recognition of Build Artifacts
        How to Build Specific Types of Projects
          Eclipse Projects
          Maven 1 Projects
            Migrating to Maven 2
        Branched Artifacts
        Maven-specific Information
          Maven Profiles
          Maven Proxy
          Maven Repositories
          Comparison with Stand-alone Maven
          Under the Hood
          Importing Test Cases Run During Builds
        Scheduled Builds
        Integration Builds
    15. Configuring Repositories
      Feature Overview
      Configuring External Repositories (Git, SVN)
        Configuring the Project
      Configuring Resource Traceability
        Resource Traceability Configuration Checklist
        Add Resource Traceability Properties
          For a Resource Traceability server embedded inside Polarion - The Default configuration
          Using Resource Traceability in a Cluster
            Standalone Resource Traceability Server
              Adjust Database:
              Adjust the Resource Traceability server's polarion.properties file
            Embedded Resource Traceability Server in Cluster Nodes
        Configure Repositories
          Changes to a Repository
        Configure the Resource-Traceability.xml file
        Check Logs Regularly
          Java and C Parser Behaviour
            Java and C Parser Encoding
          XML Parser Behaviour
            XML Parser Encoding
        Add "Linked Resources" to Work Items
        Enable "Linked Resources" READ Permissions
          By Permission
          By Role
        Link a Resource
          Linked Resource Example
          Multi-Line Message
          Supported Elements
          Where to Place the Comment
            For Java and C
            For XML
        Search for Work Items with Linked Resources
    16. Configuring Connectors
      Overview of Functionality
      Importing an IBM DOORS Project
        DOORS Import Limitations and Recommendations
          Memory Settings when Importing Large DOORS Modules
      Linked Data Applications
        Add Server as a "Friend"
        Enable Item Linking
        Configure Linked Data Mapping
        Configure Linked Data Semantics
      Configure Synchronization
        Data Backup
        Configure Connections
          Creating a New Connection
          Create Links Between Different Projects
          Create a Global Connection Template
        Configure a Synchronization Pair
          Create a Synchronization Pair
          Configure Polarion Settings
          Configure the Settings of the Connected System
          General Settings
          Type and Field and Value Mapping
          Executing a Synchronization Pair
            Job Configuration
          Reusing Sync Pairs as Global Templates
        System Specific Instructions
          HP QC or ALM Database
            Connection Settings
            Sync Pair Settings
            Jira Formatting - (What's preserved and omitted when a Jira project is synchronized):
            Sync Jira Epic Links with Polarion
            Sync Jira Links to Hyperlinks
            Connecting to DOORS
            Creating a Sync Pair for Doors and Advanced Type Mappings
              GENERAL SETUP:
              TYPE MAPPINGS:
              MAPPING LINKS:
            Scheduling Synchronization with DOORS
      MATLAB Simulink
        Prerequisites for Installation
        Connector Overview
          How Traceability is Created
        Installation Procedure
        Connecting MATLAB to Polarion
          Connection Setup Procedure
        Publishing MATLAB Elements to Polarion
          Publishing to a New Work Item
          Publishing to an Existing Work Item
          Bulk Publishing to Polarion
          Publishing an Entire Diagram to Polarion
          Using the Requirements Management Interface
    17. Configuration Properties
      Edit System Properties
    18. System Maintenance
        Low Resource Notifications
          Configuring Free Space Limit
        Prevent Long Running Transactions from Clogging up the Server.
        Activities Index Cleanup
            Configure Activity Cleaner:
        Configuring the Scheduler
          Defining and Modifying Jobs
            Accessing the configuration
          Spawning Multiple Jobs
            Extended Configurability
          Jobs in a Clustered Setup
          Running Scripts Via Jobs
            Running Scripts Directly
          Starting and Stopping the Scheduler
          Scheduling Jobs to Run Immediately
            Executing System Commands/Utilities
            Disable execute.command Job Execution
          Viewing Jobs in the Monitor
          Cleaning Up Temporary Folders
        Backing up Polarion Data
          References to installation locations.
            Variables and equivalent paths
              Variable: POLARION_HOME
              Variable: POLARION_DATA
          Subversion Repository
          Project Builds
          User-modified Data
            Polarion Configuration File
            Modified installation structure
          Connectors Data
          Backup Tips for Polarion Server
        Indexing and Reindex
          Index Synchronization
            When to Repair the Index
              First Remedies
            How to Rebuild the Index
              Configuring CPU Usage for Indexing
              Launching the Index Rebuild Scripts
              Understanding the Re-index Process
            User Impact
        Using Polarion Diagnostics
        Recovering Disk Space
          Cleaning Up Old Builds
          Cleanup Old Log Files
            Scheduler Configuration
        Maintaining Subversion (SVN)
          Use the Latest Repository Format
          Pack the Repository
    19. Advanced Administration
        System and Virtual Machine Memory
        Optimizing the PostgreSQL Database
          Preventing Excessive Test Run Records
        Enumerations in the Polarion Database
          Keep the Enumeration Table up to date
          Periodically Refresh Enumerations
          Object-based Enumerations
        Speed up the Movement of Work Items to and from Documents
          How it Works
          Enable In-memory Object Maps
          Reduce the size of the Object Map folder
            Sample defragment object map script
        Database Compatibility (H2, PostgreSQL)
          Mapping H2 Functions to PostgreSQL
        PostgreSQL Database Start-Stop-Restart
          CentOS, RHEL, Debian or Ubuntu
          SUSE/SLES 11
          SUSE/SLES 12
        Optimizing Subversion
          Subversion 1.7 and 1.8 Cache Memory
            Subversion 1.8 With 1.8 Repository Format
          Subversion 1.9
          SVN Security When Using svnserve
          Subversion Access by System User
            Installing svnserve as a Service
        Managing Polarion Licenses
          Accessing License Management
          Specifying License Assignments
          Viewing License Usage
          Updating and Reactivating Licenses
        Configuring Single Sign-on (SSO)
          SSO Configuration Settings
          E-Signatures with SSO
          Authentication via Credentials for External Web Services Clients
          Log Out with SSO
            With Kerberos
            With Teamcenter Security Services
          Adjust Pop-up Login Dialog Size
        Repository Access Management
          Accessing the Client
          Using the Access Management Client
          Editing Role Assignments
            Adding Role Assignments
            Removing Role Assignments
          Editing User Assignments
            Removing User Assignments
            Adding User Assignments
            The Tilde Exclusion Marker
          Access Control for Documents
          Note for Global Administrators
        Removing Unused Excel Import Configurations
        Configuring the Dashboard
          Macros for Layout
          Macros for Information
            Macro: {fact}
            Macros: {linechart}, {piechart}, {report}
          Updating Dashboards
        Customizing XML Export Templates
          XSL Template Naming Convention
          Where to Deploy XML Export Templates
        Customizing Excel Export Templates
          Default Excel Export Templates
          Export Template Structure
          Making a Column Read-only
          Adding a Column
          Adding a Calculated Column
          Specifying Column for Test Step Iteration Numbers
        Configuring OLE Object Support
        Customizing the Login Screen
        Repository Browser mime Types
        Taking a Thread Dump
        Advanced System Tuning
          Configure Tomcat to use an HTTP connector:
          Properties for Activity Stream
          Work Items Tree Rendering
          Matrix Rendering
          Fonts and Font Substitution
          Lucene Word Splitting
          JVM Properties for Maven Calculation
          Splitting DAO Cache by Prototype
  Polarion Reference
    1. Administration Reference
      Reference Topics
        Polarion Folder Structure
          Windows structure
          Linux structure
          Common folders
        Polarion System Processes
        System Properties File Location
        Scheduler cron information and examples
          History Indexing Job
        Permissions Management
          Permissions Configuration
          Default User Roles and Permissions
          Dynamic Roles and Permissions
            Dynamic Roles for Documents
            Dynamic Roles for Pages
            Dynamic Roles for Work Items
            Dynamic Roles for Work Item Fields
            Other Dynamic Roles
          Permission Processing Scheme
          Fields With READ Permission
          Fields With MODIFY Permission
          Impact on Round-trip Operations
         Default Enumeration Configuration Files
          Repository Scope
        Notification Events and Targets
          Notification Events
          Notification Targets
          System Variables
          Default Notification Priorities
        Project Template Properties
        PDF Export Header/Footer Properties
        Custom Field Types
          List of Basic Types
          Enumeration Types
        Building configuration file format
        Work Report Job Configuration
          Job Parameters
          Configuration Example
        Workflow Conditions and Functions for Work Items
          Workflow Conditions (Work Items)
          Workflow Functions (Work Items)
          Handling of Workflow Errors
        Workflow Conditions and Functions for Documents
          Workflow Conditions (Documents)
          Workflow Functions (Documents)
        Workflow Conditions and Functions for Test Runs
          Workflow Conditions (Test Runs)
          Workflow Functions (Test Runs)
        Polarion Log Files
          Location of Log Files
          Log Files and Usage
            Polarion (Log4j) Log Files
            Additional Log Files
            PostgreSQL Log Files
            Installation Log Files
          Log File Rotation
          Removing Old Log Files
        XML Export Schema
        Internally Defined Work Item Metrics
          In-place Defined Metrics
          Project Group Metrics
        Calculations and Facts
          Fact Bases
          Trend Fact Bases
        Velocity Macros Location
        Velocity Variables for Active Wiki Pages
        Apache Lucene Options
        License Usage Reference
          Default Assignment of Concurrent Licenses
        Self-signed SSL Certificates
    2. User Reference
      Dialogs, User Interface, Features
        Activity Stream
        Attachment File Types
          Archive/Package Formats
          Audio Formats
          eBook Formats
          Image Formats
          Microsoft Formats
          OpenDocument File Formats
          Captions and "On-demand Work Item Loading"
          User-defined Caption Labels
          Create New Project Dialog
            Basics screen
            Templates Screen
            Summary Screen
            Creation Screen
            Details Screen
          Open Project or Project Group Dialog
          Linked Work Items Dialog
          Revision Picker Dialog
            Query Segments
            Revision Fields
            Table Configuration
        Import from Excel
          Supported Work Item Fields
          Multivalued Data and Fields
        Keyboard Shortcuts
          Shortcuts that focus fields on the form in the Work Item Editor
          Document and Rich-text Editor Shortcuts
          Shortcuts for Tables
        Time Values
      Diagram Editor
        Creating a New Diagram
          LiveDoc Documents
          Tracker-based Work Items
        Editing a Diagram
          Resizing a Diagram
        Shape and Symbol Palettes
          Inserting Shapes, Symbols and Images
          Using Custom Images
        Copying a Diagram
        Deleting a Diagram
        Printing a Diagram
        Miscellaneous Notes
        Create LiveDoc Document Dialog
        Document Sidebar Selector
          Comments Sidebar
          Work Item Properties Sidebar
          Recycle Bin Sidebar
            Content Handling
          Document Properties Sidebar
          Document Outline Sidebar
          Attachments Sidebar
          Test Run Planning Sidebar
        Configure Work Item Presentation Dialog
        Outline Numbering Display
        PDF Watermarks Order of Precedence
        Permissions and License
          Word Import and Round-trip
          Document Features and Operations
            Document Access and Content
            Document Comments
          Permissions for Document Actions
        Macros and Wiki Mark-up Support in Word Round-trip
          Partially Supported Items
        Import Rules for Tables
        Managing Saved Import Configurations
        Import and Export Formatting
        Round-trip Export Template Fields
        Round-trip Export Template Locations
          Deleting Round-trip Templates
        Document Editor Toolbar
          Insert Menu
          Operations Menu
        Work Item Actions Menu
        Document Structure Change Via Excel
        Merging of Concurrent Changes
          Automatic Merging
          Automatic Safe Merge with Warning
          Automatic Unsafe Merge with Warning
        Merge Actions for Compared Documents
          Insert Actions
          Replace Actions
          Delete Actions
          Referencing Actions
          Merge Fields Actions
            Fields Not Supported for Merging
      Non-Latin Alphabets
        Non-Latin System Properties
        Work Item Queries
        Diagram Fonts
        Planning Sidebar
          Selected Plan Title
          Selected Plan Work Statistics
          Add Remove Buttons
          Open Plans Tree
          Save Button
          Cancel & Close Link
        Plan Macros
          Work Items Board - {workitems-board}
          Burn Up and Burn Down - {plan-burnup} {plan-burndown}
          Plan Open in Table - {plan-open-in-table}
          Plans - {plans}
          Plan Status Button - {plan-status-button}
          Plan Label - {plan-label}
          Plan Progress - {plan-progress}
        Ideal Progress Statistic
        Previous Time Spent Property
        To Access the Project Templates
        Default Excel Round-trip Export Templates
      Test Management Reference
        Permissions and License
        Test Step Attachments
        xUnitFileImport Job Parameters
          Parameters for Import in Maven Builds
        Job Example
        xUnit File Example
        Test Records Query Extender
          Additional Examples
      Work Items
        Prioritization Panel
          Reposition Buttons
          Rank Selector
          Priority Field
          Change Prioritization Field
          Dialog: Rescale Selected
          Dialog: Rescale All
        Work Item Field Permission Restrictions
          New Work Items
          Imported or Re-imported Work Items
        Work Item and Index Fields
          Fields Not Imported from Excel
        Advanced Work Item Querying
          Search Syntax Basics
            White Space Based
            Standard Tokenization
          Combining Text with Visual Queries
            Editing an Opened Query
          Queries Using Special Index Functions
            Current-date Based Searching Using $today$
            Querying for Linked Work Items
            Querying for Test Record Work Items
            Querying for Documents
            Querying for Approvals
    3. Polarion SDK
      Default SDK Location